Adventure Three: The Long Island Maritime
Museum Seafood Festival

August 29, 2004 - On this day, I got to meet lots of people!

The Long Island Maritime Museum, in West Sayville, New York, has a big festival each year in late Summer, called the Seafood Festival. I'm told it gets bigger and better every year. I got to go spend one day at the festival, and boy, did I have fun!

The festival has lots of music (at times, there were three different musical acts playing at different areas of the museum grounds). Of course, there's lots of food, especially seafood. And there are a variety of crafts and such for sale. The event is a fundraiser, and it helps the museum to save history for us to enjoy.

The best part of the whole day, for me, was meeting new people. Here are two that I met: Dee, from Dee's Comfy-Cozees, and her daughter. Not only did they give me lots of attention -- which I love -- they also gave me....

...a new toy, filled with catnip! I played with it for a long time, until I got tired out. (I took the toy home and now my friends and I play with it.)

I also got a new bandana, with sailboats on it! I thought sailboats were a good thing for me to wear that day. The Long Island Maritime Museum has lots of historic boats, plus a boat-building shop, and a museum full of artifacts related to maritime history.

It was pretty warm out, so Bob had to give me some cool water from my water bottle. My balance problem sometimes makes it tough for me to drink out of a bowl, so I usually use a water bottle when I go on my adventures. I also took a couple of naps during the day, in my blue carrier. I had a nice breeze in the shade. Between naps, I met lots of people and played in the grass with sticks and leaves.

The Seafood Festival was a fun day for me. Meeting new people and playing in the grass were the best parts.

Thanks for coming along on another adventure with me. I can't wait for the next one!





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