Adventure Four: Meeting Santa Claus

December 5, 2004 - Over the last few weeks, I had been hearing mention of someone named Santa Claus. There have been songs about him, television shows about him, and some people even use his image to decorate their houses! Well, today I finally got to meet Santa Claus, and I wasn't disappointed.

Each year, my friend Audrey at Hamlet Pet Food and Supplies asks Santa to come visit her friends (Audrey does a lot to help animals all year long). Santa comes to her store in Stony Brook, and we can go have our picture taken with him for free.

I was excited to have a chance to go on another adventure, ride in the car, and meet Santa! I even went shopping and got a new outfit for the holidays (I didn't wear it when I saw Santa, though, because it matched his outfit and it might have been hard to see me when I was in his lap).

On the morning I met Santa, I woke up about my usual time (6:00am), ate breakfast and did my usual Wobbly things. About 10:00, we got ready to go. Bob and Diane put on my snowflake collar, and we went out to the car, It was sunny and pretty warm for a December day. I was purring before we even got into the car. The car ride took about 40 minutes, which gave me lots of time to watch cars, trees, people, and all sorts of stuff. When we got there, there was a puppy in with Santa, and I had to wait a little while. When the puppy left, I went in to meet Santa!

I sat in Santa's lap, and was amused by his red and white suit, and his big white beard! I told him what I want for Christmas (but I'm not supposed to tell anyone else), and had my picture taken. Santa was very nice. I would have liked to stay longer with him, but there was a dog behind me waiting for her turn to see Santa, and I know how important it is to share.

Audrey gave me a toy mouse from Santa (I didn't think I'd get any gifts until Christmas!), then Bob bought some things in the store, while Diane took me back out to the car. When Bob got out to the car, I was not ready to go home yet, so we drove to Stony Brook village so I could see the water.

It was sunny out, and pretty warm, so we walked around by the water in Stony Brook. I enjoyed looking around, and I even spent some time playing in the grass. I kept looking for leaves and sticks to play with.

After a while, we went home. My adventure tired me out, so I took a nap when I got home. In all, I had a great time riding in the car, seeing my friend Audrey, and meeting Santa. I hope I get to do it again next year!

Happy Holidays to all my friends!





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