Adventure Five: Taking a Lighthouse Cruise

May 2005 - My first adventure of 2005 was a great one! I got to see a bunch of lighthouses, and go on a boat for the first time!

My friends Bob and Nancy had decided to do a lighthouse cruise to see five offshore lighthouses. They had done two of these cruises the previous weekend, during the Long Island Lighthouse Challenge, but I couldn't go on those since Bob and Nancy, and all my other human friends, were working on the Challenge all day both days and I couldn't be away from home that long.

On this day, Bob, Diane, and Judy didn't have to leave for the cruise until about 2pm. This meant I could go along.

Bob packed up my carrier with my dish, water bottle, treats, blue sweatshirt (it can get cool on a boat), my new harness (so they could hold me better on the boat), and the usual stuff, and we left for Greenport. It took us about an hour to get there, but I like traveling in the car, so that was okay.

Before we went to the boat, I visited the East End Seaport Museum, which owns the Long Beach Bar Lighthouse. I met a new friend, Rich, who volunteers at the museum.

We met Nancy, her husband Jeff, and their kids, Chris, Jackie and Rachel, at the boat. I was happy to see them, since I hadn't visited them in a while (everyone was so busy getting ready for the Lighthouse Challenge).

We boarded the boat after 4pm.  I met Captain Dave and a few other new people. When we had everyone on board, we set sail for adventure!

We first saw the Long Beach Bar Lighthouse. This one is a replica of an 1871 lighthouse. It's real pretty. The original lighthouse burned in 1963, and was replaced with this one in 1990.

Our next lighthouse was the Orient Point Light. It looks like a big sparkplug! On the way to this lighthouse, the water started getting rough. I was okay, though, and not at all frightened (the wind was the only thing that bothered me). At the lighthouse, there were waves on one side, but calm water on the other side, as the tide was going out.

Next, we crossed a waterway called Plum Gut to go see the Plum Island Lighthouse. Plum Island is an island owned by the Department of Homeland Security. They have an animal disease center there, and access to the island is restricted. People can sometimes go there on special trips, but I would never be allowed there. The lighthouse was easy to see in the late-day sun.

In front of the Plum Island Lighthouse, we could see the rocks that were placed to help stop erosion. The bluff in front of the lighthouse has been shrinking for years, and there was a real danger of the lighthouse falling into the water if something had not been done. Fortunately, the Long Island Chapter of the US Lighthouse Society arranged for some rocks for the project a few years ago and Homeland Security had the rocks placed recently. The lighthouse should now be safe from erosion from waves. Next there will be plants put above the rocks to keep rain from washing away the bluff from the top.

After we got a good look at the Plum Island Light, we went around the north side of the island to see the Little Gull Island Lighthouse. The water was rough as we passed Plum Island and Great Gull Island on our way to see the lighthouse. Captain Dave didn't want to get too close to the lighthouse because the wind and waves were getting worse, but we got a pretty good look at the lighthouse, anyway.

Captain Dave decided not to go to see the Race Rock Lighthouse because the waves near that lighthouse would be rougher, so we decided to go to the Cedar Island Lighthouse. I was there by land last year, but now I would get to see it from a boat!

To get to Cedar Island, we had to go past Gardiner's Island. On the north side of the island, which we passed, there are ruins of an old Army fort, Fort Tyler. There's not much left now -- most of the fort has fallen into the water.

Once we got past Gardiner's Island, the water calmed down quite a bit. We went on to see the Cedar Island Light, then started to go back to the dock in Greenport. We got back to the dock about 9:30. We stayed on the boat talking to Captain Dave and relaxing a bit.

On the way home, I napped. I got such a good nap that I was wide awake when I got home. So I stayed up for a while and played with Pod.

My first adventure for 2005 was a great one! What a way to start out the year. I have heard Bob talking about my next adventure already. I can't wait!


Bob and me on the boat. I didn't like the wind in my face.

The Long Beach Bar Lighthouse

The Orient Point Lighthouse

The Plum Island Light with its new rock wall to stop erosion.

Little Gull Island Light in the distance.

It was getting dark by the time we left Cedar Island.

Here I am with Nancy, and my new friend Captain Dave!

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