Adventure Six: Going to the Beach

When Bob and Diane told me we were going on an adventure to the beach, I got excited and started purring. I wasn't sure what the beach was, but I knew it would be fun (they wouldn't take me on an adventure that wasn't fun and safe for me). So we loaded up my usual traveling accessories, including my harness, leash, and a water bottle, and I got in my carrier.

Diane's Mom and Bob's friend Alfred, both of whom were visiting from Florida, came along, too. If there's one thing more fun than an adventure, it is an adventure with lots of friends.

We got in the car and started driving. It was a nice Fall day -- sunny but not too hot. We drove for about half an hour.

When the car stopped and we got out, I knew we were someplace different. There was lots of sand everywhere, and the trees were different. There weren't big leafy trees like we have at home -- the trees were all pine trees, and smaller than the couple of pine trees we have in the yard. There was also more brush where we parked. And there was a sort of roaring sound in the distance. And everything smelled different. Once everyone was out of the car, we started walking along a boardwalk.


     When we got off the boardwalk, there was nothing
     but sand -- even the grass and trees were gone! Bob put me down in the sand, and it felt funny.
This was the first sign I saw. I
knew I was going to like this place!

          Walking along the beach at Fire Island
    Here's the next sign we saw. I was
     wearing my harness and my bandana,
     so this sign was no problem for me.
      Then I saw the Atlantic Ocean. That's where the
roaring sound was coming from! The water
was making the noise!

I didn't like the sound of the water,
so I decided to move away from it...

      ... I went by Diane's Mom and leaned against her legs,
so I could see the water from a more
comfortable distance.

Once I got used to the new sights, sounds, and smells, I settled
down. I sniffed the air, looked at the people, the birds, and the
scenery, and relaxed on the sand. It was nice and soft.

After a while, we walked back to the car and went home. This was
 a short adventure, but it was fun. I expect to go back to the beach
 many times.

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