Hi Wobbles!!
I read your story with interest. Actually, my mommy read it to me because I am totally blind.  I also have cerebellar hypoplasia.  I can walk more steadily now that I am 10 months old (even though my ataxia makes me walk with a funny looking goose step); and I have problems drinking water on my own.  My mommy feeds me out of a baby bottle everyday.  I cannot see, but I get around very well, especially if I know where I am.  I was found abandoned in the road when I was a baby kitten. But I have a loving home now, just like you.

I was so glad to hear that you are happy and healthy and full of adventures.  I look forward to learning more.

your fellow CH brother,
Ray Charles (and my mommy Michelle)


Hello Wobbles,

My name is Wheezer, and I am a Kitty from Queens, NY. I was looking at your website with my human, Mary, and was very impressed with all of the places you have been, and all of the adventures you have had.

When I read that you were a special needs kitty, I didn't really think you would have done so much. But was I wrong! It doesn't slow you down at all. You have really nice friends - to take you all over.

I am 19 years old, so I don't get out too much these days. I really like two things - sleeping and eating. I DO love cuddling and lots of lovin'.

I hope you have time in-between your many adventures, to write back.

Have fun.

Your new friend, Wheezer




Dear Wobbles,

I'd like to be your new friend. You are my new kittie role model, with your exciting life and all you've overcome. All I can say about Wobbles, is a great big MEOW!

My name is Sam, also known as Sammy, Samster the Hamster, Sasha and Samster von Bamster. (Isn't it funny how we cats have so many nicknames?) I've never had adventures like yours even though I love the ocean. As a matter of fact, I live in an apartment house on the ocean in Long Beach. This time of year I like to sit on the terrace and peek through the holes in the railing to look at the waves. I sit on a very comfortable Adirondack chair and cushion while my Human Paul sits on the floor of the terrace.

Most days I help my other Human, Mindy, work at her computer. I meow and put my hands up on the keyboard as a way of letting her know that I want to go out and explore in the hallway. And that's enough of an adventure for me, because when I hear those elevator doors open, I hightail it into the apartment. One Sunday morning, very early, I made it all the way to the end of the hallway and got freaked out because all the doors looked alike and I didn't know where my apartment was. I started howling - maybe you heard me all the way out east. Anyway, Paul had to come and get me and I promptly scratched him with my back claws.

Pretty soon I'll be sending you a picture of me and my brother, Mickey, also known as Mickster von Bickster, Miccolino, Misha, and the Handsome Man. Mickey is very shy and afraid of most people, but he loves Paul the Human. I said pretty soon about the pictures because I'm waiting for Mindy to figure out how to download them from her new digital camera. Humans will never be as smart as cats.
So until next time, your new pal,

PS: Mickey and I celebrated our 11th birthdays in April and May. We're both from Wantagh, Bide-A-Wee, that is. We might be 11 but we're still kittens.



Thanks for writing, Ray (and Michelle),

It's great to hear from another CH kitty with a good home. You're both lucky to have each other. Stay in touch, and send more photos!








Hi Wheezer (and Mary),

I love sleeping, eating, cuddling and lots of lovin', too! The adventures are fun, and I do love to see new sights, smell new scents, and meet new people, but I purr loudest when its snuggle time. I am sometimes allowed to come up on the bed and visit Bob and Diane at night or in the morning. I can't stay there without their supervision, since I might fall and get hurt, but I make the most of my time there.

Bob wrote a book about the lighthouses of New York State, so I may get to take some trips upstate and see some totally new things! I'll probably be passing through Queens on our way, and I'll be thinking of you when I do!

Stay in touch.








Here are Leo and Cloud, two of my friends from the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania area.  









Hi Sammy,

I am always happy to have new friends! I have never been to Long Beach or Wantagh, but I think they are both about 45 minutes away from my house.

I have lots of nicknames, too: Wob, Wobs, Wobbie, Wobster, Wobbity-Wob, Wob-O, The Wobinator, Mr. Woblington, Mr. Handsome Boy, Dr. Handsome, and probably some others I don't recall at the moment. Diane and Bob also call me their "hero."

I do get to play on the computer a little bit. I like to try to catch the little moving arrow on the screen. I haven't caught it yet, but I will!

Please do send a photo soon. I'll add it here.








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